The Best Blowout You’ve Ever Gotten?

by Sam


I’m on a quest. Ever since blowouts became a thing (or at least, ever since I realized you didn’t need to get your hair cut to get that after-salon look), I’ve been searching for the best blowout. I’ve been to blowout bars a couple of times with great results, and I’ve been to many a local salon for a quick session before a big event. Every time I’ve felt great. But recently, I got a blowout that not only made me feel great, it made me feel PHENOMENAL.

The place? The Red Door in Union Square. An Elizabeth Arden salon and spa, The Red Door recently launched catering to the urban girl on the go (and ahem, a much younger clientele than generally associated with Red Door salons). The quick “express” services mean you can get in the door and out, even easily popping in on your lunch break. 

I met with Sheila for my blowout to try out the salon, and maybe it’s my Midwestern/Southern roots, but I wanted volume. Lots of movement. In other words: go big or go home.

Sheila gave me exactly what I wanted, and then some. I like leaving with a bit of a bigger blowout than what I would typically wear, because my hair tends to fall over a couple of hours–and this is a look I wanted going all night long. The look turned out big, full of body and with some curl at the bottom. I loved it.

I’d love to hear where/when you’ve gotten your best blowout (or haircut!). Leave a comment below!