Taylor Swift in Vogue

by Sam

Taylor Swift Vogue

Here’s the thing about Taylor Swift: She’s so damn relatable that she almost fools you into thinking she’s just the girl next door who is, you know, just super pretty and talented and then BAM – she’s on the cover of Vogue, and you realize f*ck, this girl is on a whole other level.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Swift’s cover girl prowess… I mean, she is literally one of the faces of Cover Girl cosmetics, but — the bangs! That hat! The eyeliner! She’s been amped up to Kate-Moss-meets-Brigitte-Bardot status, and keeps up appearances with quick-as-lightening interview references to model Karlie Kloss and Rodarte.

In the interview, her perspective on changing trends and being “in” — mostly in reference to growing up in Pennsylvania wanting straight hair and, with the advent of fame, her fans curling theirs — is enlightening. It’s the kind of thing that would make you say, “Tay, you know why they’re curling their hair,” and she would probably protest or say something like, I know but it’s so weird (and then, let’s get real, she’d write a song about it).

I think the most interesting part of the interview (besides her current relationship red-flags which are pretty awesome slash would really only help those who are also famous, since they reference Google searches and privacy issues), is when Prabal Gurung compliments her on how she’s handled fame.

“That kind of made my day. People don’t usually compliment your character,” Swift says. Which I think is very odd, or I should say, odd coming from her. Her character is the number one thing that I think people would praise her for. It’s the reason why people listen to her songs, why people come to her shows, and why people generally support her: because she seems like a good person, who delved into our diaries (er… would-be diaries) and captured our angsty and romantic thoughts and feelings, gave them some catchy lines, and put them to a nice melody.

Read the entire interview here.