Charlie Siem

by Sam

Full disclosure: I was introduced to the music of Charlie Siem by Adryan Dillon, a friend of mine who met Charlie in the most interesting sequence of events (that she would have to tell you, as my storytelling skills just aren’t on par with Miss Adyran’s).

But I digress. A violin virtuoso, Charlie was recently a part of the CFDA after party at the Standard in NYC (serenading Lady Gaga, no less).

While Gaga’s attire is pointedly interesting to say the least (pun fully intended), Siem’s suit is what I’m fixated on. The sapphire coloring, great fit and white tie make it a standout — a slightly edgier take on a classic suit pairing. (I can see why Gaga is going in for the kill.)

And just as another great suit shot of Siem, here’s him in a Dunhill Spring 2011 campaign. I’m kind of dying over the cut. Every man should take this to his tailor, no?

Lastly, take a look and listen to Siem playing with Bryan Adams Live at the Peace Gala in 2008.